Superhero Adentures, UK Style

This time its non-lethal!

Welcome to the alternate Universe of The Balance

A Superhero campaign set in London, the city of Wessex and throughout the UK.

(As well as in France, Carpathia, Gibraltar, Israel, Bali, Africa, near orbit,
through Time and in the Faerie Realms - so far...)


the BASEment

From left to right
back row: Mikey Angelo, Adam Meyers, Young Sam, Annie Moreau, Mace & Edward Jeeves
Front row: Akira, Bethany Dalton & Banshee

The ongoing adventures of Akira, Banshee, Chrono, Mace  Young Sam and Locker.

Their exploits can be found under Guide to Episodes.

Their secret headquarters, located beneath Container Town and Ivan’s Junkyard in the City of Wessex, (The BASEment) is detailed. Their various Vehicles are also described.

Please note: Episode 1 Strangers in a Strange Land was an attempt to introduce two new players to the Mutants & Masterminds system AND to a new, very different parallel universe – the aim was to a) make it clear they were “not in Kansas anymore, Toto” when they find themselves having been transported to a parallel world, b) remove the primary UK team (The Protectors) from the scene via the mysterious disappearance of part of Birmingham and c) introduce a number of adventure leads that would play out later in the campaign.

It was too much to try and do in a single session and it became a bit confused.

In an attempt to take things back to basics – Raggedy Anne was a classic ghost story and gave the players a chance to settle in.

Episode 3 introduced two new players and I decided to initiate them gently, so used an adaption of a short Champions adventure and acquaint them with the Irish terrorist, Disunity Jack.

Unfortunately, following that episode one of the original players had real life issues and could no longer attend so his character had to vanish, apparently kidnapped by his ‘time-twin’.

We subsequently explored a couple of linked themes – my take on the Emerald City Knights adventure and the Terminus Invasion (which would be revisited).

Several issues later I ended that thread for the moment and we explored some of the players backgrounds and an apparent one off encounter with the Tea Party and the Mad Hatter which introduced them to the Library and meeting the Black Chapter.

That led to France (based on the Champions adventure Coriolis Effect), Carpathia, Gibraltar and finally Israel (and my take on the classic Time of Vengeance adventure).

Returning home the team found themselves back in the UK hunting a monster in the sewers under Dragon’s Gate.

A trip into near space with an alien Prince led to a “Mission Impossible” style rescue.

They subsequently met Mace and the Untouchables, headed to the Endeavour for a night of Karaoke and then met the Archangel Gabriel (“just call me Gabby”) and Superior Rex and ‘auditioned’ before undertaking a rescue mission to Bali and returning to face the Krampus in a Christmas-themed adventure.

The team accidentally travelled forward in time to the destroyed city of Wessex, having rescued some people from a secret base on an island in the North Sea off the coast of Scotland. There they discovered the Earth will be invaded by inter-dimensional Reivers known as Terminus and carried out a prisoner rescue before returning to the island.

Witnessing their earlier selves, the Balance set out to rescue the rest of the prisoners and stop P.I.S.C.E.S. from destroying the island whilst not being seen by their earlier selves and potentially changing time.

Back home, family and friends – Adam, Jean and Mai-Li – are kidnapped. To rescue them the team had to agree to enter the Slaughterhouse.

After escaping, The Balance spent a few days recovering only to discover there was a contract out on their heads. They met and identified a few past and future foes and Akira had an epiphany. Then Sam and Annie headed to a Comic-Con.

With a mystical rare prize on offer, the team found themselves dealing with a couple of assassination attempts on their lives, had to deal with a prisoner escape and met an old foe.

The team returned to Ffrwd Dylluan where they again met the Oktoberkynde and were trapped by the witch hunter Hexenhammer and his recently enslaved ‘hound’, Abyss. Does it still count as non-lethal if you ‘kill’ the undead?

They undertook a trip to rebuilt a couple of orphanages in Sierra Leone whilst Jimmy the Fish tried to repair their reputations. On their return, they were called in to help deal with a local street gang armed with alien tech and discovered a way to identify people infected with the alien control parasites.

A robotic Saviour sent back in time to prevent an extinction event met the Balance. It was not a friendly exchange.

A visit by a Library researcher resulted in an assault on the building known as the Vault and Akira’s family connection to the Fisher King was explained.

They were invited to visit Dakata in Africa. Whilst there the Country was invaded and they helped to defend it. In the process they met a Goddess, Sam destroyed the Raft and they discovered the origin of vampires. Before leaving Africa, they agreed to transport a prisoner to Kenya, found themselves saving a sentient gorilla pup and worried about what was happening with Akira.

A transformed Akira vanished and then a mystical call came in from the Library only for the intruders to be revealed as ‘Akira’ and two others. In the end the team find themselves trapped in the Faerie Realm with Akira’s evil Doppelgänger.

Whilst there they explored, made allies and participated in a Duello Arcane to replace the missing, believed murdered, Summer Knight only to subsequently liberate him, help to stop a war and promised to undertake a task for the Winter Court at some point. Then while helping the Summer Knight to retain his title, the Palace was invaded by a Terminus Exploratory Force before they were sent ‘home’  only to be stranded without Akira in a dark city they didn’t recognise.

Discovering that the city was Wessex half a century after they had left it, they learned that the Terminus invasion had been defeated by a cabal of dark mages and vampires. Now the world was controlled by them and the only way home seemed to be finding a certain Emerald Key of Power. The Topaz Key led them to the Library of the future, a building now devoid of books but filled with members of the Outer Circle of the Court of Shadows.

When they finally made it back home, Sam and Annie had some unexpected news for the rest of the team and Akira elected to take some time out. While at his ‘retreat’ he discovered a journal.

A few weeks later the newest member of The Balance, Locker was introduced to the public as the team faced an old enemy.

A series of pranks across London resulted in the team meeting Gabby again and trying to rescue the Prime Minister and her cabinet, now apparently turned into children, from some sinister clowns.

When a familiar robotic presence resurfaced, the team ended up fighting empty power armour in the middle of an industrial dispute.

A friend went missing and Akira and Banshee found themselves in France dealing with an imprisoned bride of Dracula, a group of vampire hunters and a clan of undead ninjas.

A quiet day ended with the world seemingly committing suicide. To save it, the team had to go back in time a couple of days and stop a temporal paradox from ever occurring.

In trying to rescue a teammate they end up in London 1666, the evening before the Great Fire. A witch is seen in the sky, a plot to take over the country is uncovered and an ultimatum delivered. Escaping the great fire, they find themselves chasing Boire only to find themselves in Victorian London with an unconscious Locker.

Its 1888, the Ripper is attacking women on the streets as the team try to discover what a Prince Drakul is up to and what his connection is to the murdered women as the team meet Doctor Arthur Doyle, his cousin Bram Stoker and a Rabbi Shalach Ben Holmz.

The Balance come to face with a very polite Jack the Ripper, team up with Professor Van Helsing and discover more about Drakul and his ambition to become Prince Consort and ensure the sun never rises on the blood red of the British Empire.